It’s head is very red.

Spent the day at the dock cleaning the boat. Managed to scrape out a bucketful of algae-type goop from the window slides. It was quite gross but at least the windows open and close without any hassle now.

Went for a paddleboard. No close encounters with jet skis but Paul did manage to take a picture of this bird in flight (the bird was flying, not Paul).

With regards to last weekend’s jet ski incident, Paul contacted the ODNR and filed a complaint. He could have pressed charges apparently but decided that he just wanted to scare the bejeebers out of him. The ODNR officer agreed. Hopefully the guy will learn a lesson – choose wisely when going in to splash someone; make sure it isn’t Paul!

Got fed up of waiting for a news page to load so will bid you all good night.       Joanna