Spent most of yesterday cleaning the boat and getting rid of the flies. Woke up this morning and the boat was covered in these things. I hate them. When we first moved to the States, we enrolled Anna and David in sail camp at a club at the west end of Lake Erie. As far as I remember, the first year was OK, but after that, for about 4 weeks the place, boats, equipment, grass, everything was covered in these things. To the point that you had to de-fly yourself before you went inside. The damn things would rise in clouds as you walked through them. Oh I used to have nightmares.

Got home in time for Paul to take me to the Apple store. I think he got fed up of me belly-aching about my verizon signal and having to use his iPad so he bought me one with AT&T.

Still so much to do before we go away so I am not sure how much training I will get in tomorrow.

After Monday, there are only 4 more days till the weekend again. Hang in there.      Joanna