This might not post today though I am writing it today.

ImageWe drove to the boat in rain and storms. Fortunately, there was a window of dry weather when we arrived at the marina and were able to load our stuff onboard before the next storm hit. And boy, did it hit! We could see it across the bay and then could hear the thunder rumbling for a good half hour before hand. And then everything disappeared. And it was as though someone had run a truck into the back of the boat as the wind hit; the boat surged forward almost to the dock, sprang back and then we were a bit like a jack-in-a-box except horizontal – forwards, backwards, boying boying on the mooring lines.


Found this article in The Weekly Telegraph, UK. I whole heartedly agree.


Went to lunch today with my hub. It was a very nice lunch and the company was great. Paul actually was taking the boss’s personal assistant to lunch as a thank you because she is retiring and she is a great lady and has been Paul’s inside source of information for 15 years. I wish her all the best in her new life.

Think we are staying at the dock tonight. More storms are forecasted to blow through. Stay dry. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter if you get wet. Let’s face it, we are waterproof; we won’t dissolve. Whatever you are doing tomorrow, have fun, be safe.                 Joanna