See my ‘check mark’, well Paul’s goes the other way (starts at the top of the D and works it way down). Probably why we have lasted so long together.

It is actually quite an accurate analysis of me, particularly the bit about “overuse of processes that have worked in the past”. If I find a training plan that works, I am rather loathed to change to a different one. But I should really because to improve I need to mix up things. So I am open to suggestions for a new half ironman/ironman training schedule for next year.  🙂

Having said that, had a couple of really good workouts today, for me – 2mi swim with drills and speed work + an hour bike ride with speed work. I was swimming my repeats 4-6sec faster than last week and did half mile repeats on the bike. Am quite knackered now.

Headline from The Times, UK:

‘Pay firms to turn off power so lights stay on in homes’

With Obama’s ‘war on the coal industry’ to cut carbon emissions, are enough other sources of electricity being built to compensate for the future lack of coal power stations? I don’t know, haven’t researched it. But to replace the coal fired output, there are going to have to be an awful lot of wind farms established. Maybe even in your or my backyard. Heaven forbid! And the wind farms will really get the twitchers going:

Twitchers aghast as rare bird flies into wind turbine

Grammar gripe: over the past couple of days, I have read “there” several times. So what, I can hear you say. But what the writer really meant was “their”. There – position; Their – possession. AAAGGGHHH!