Yes, picture frames. I was on a mission today; had a long list of things I had to do before, during and after my run and swim. One of them was to find a picture frame. I had looked last night online and seen one on Target’s website that would probably suffice. Of course, when I got to the store today, they didn’t have it. So I had to rethink how I was going to create the effect I wanted. This thinking took time, trying various options with the available frames. Bought frames for two options with the intention of returning the one(s) I didn’t use. Did some more of my ‘to do’s’ and ended up at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have picture frames too so I spent several, many, minutes contemplating their frames. Picked up a couple and was about to leave for the check out but wasn’t happy, so put them back and started again. Eventually found a frame that would work for my project, but it was so annoying that something that should have taken, perhaps, 10 minutes, ended up consuming at least 30 minutes. And I still have to go back to Target to return their frames. Sigh!

Anyway, I got my project completed and it looks pretty good, even though I say so myself.

More storms forecasted tonight and wet tomorrow. Hope your streams stay within their banks and your freezer keeps humming.          Joanna