I have seen this person before but didn’t have my camera with me. Or my phone. This time I was prepared (ever the Girl Scout, well most of the time) and snapped the shot during my bike ride today. I have to admit, having seen what floats down the river, I hesitate to jump in and swim. Though, having said that, it was warm enough today to make me seriously consider it.

My good deed for the day? On my way back to my car at the end of my bike ride, I passed a lady pushing a stroller occupied by two children, and encouraging a small boy on a bike. On the outward part of my run, I passed her again and this time she was carrying one of the stroller’s occupants and the little boy was still riding his bike. About 200 yards further down the trail, I spotted a small child’s (girl’s) shoe. First thought – it belongs to the little girl being carried. Second thought – decided not to pick it up because the lady might come back for it, or someone else going towards the lady might pick it up and take it to her. Needless to say, it was still there on my way back so I grabbed it and just hoped that I would catch her before she got to her car and drove away. I did see her. She was loading 3 children, stroller and bike into her car and was looking a little harried. I must have looked a fright, having just done a very long bike ride and then a run in the hot weather, but she didn’t seem to mind when I asked if the shoe belonged to her. I thought at one moment she was going to give me a hug, but fortunately she thought better of it. Apparently someone else had told her the shoe was just a little way back up the trail. (I would estimate probably about 0.25mi.) Obviously she had decided it was lost. But she was very happy that I had returned it. Made me feel all special.

And this snap – couldn’t resist.


Thunderstorms have just rolled through. Quite violent. Maybe more tonight and tomorrow. Hope your power stays on and the water runs away.           Joanna