For anyone who has the slightest inkling about tennis will realise that this is a bit of a shocker. And also, if you are a once-a-year tennis fan Brit, you will also now realise that Andy Murray (Scotland) has a pretty good chance of going all the way. And I looked at the Weather Channel’s outlook for the next 10 days for Wimbledon and they are saying that Saturday (at the moment) is the only day that has a more than 10% chance of rain. Amazing.

I remember, when growing up (technically that’s not correct because I don’t think I ever really did – grow up), that I would have to decide whether to go out in the sun and fry for a day or watch Wimbledon. Usually the ‘fry’ won out because I knew that the tennis would be there for 2 weeks, whereas the sun might be gone by the next day. Heck, even that afternoon.

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