It would appear that when the masses are on South Bass Island, in particular at Put-In_Bay, the drain on the internet signal in the evening is such that there is none left for those out in the harbor, hence my no signal. This morning everything seems to be working fine. Here is yesterday’s post.

ImageHaven’t mastered the SUP yoga yet but have made a start on the squats.

We had a great day paddleboarding. Started off with a 3.5 mi SUP off Kelleys. It was a good workout, though there was rather a ‘washing machine’ effect going on with the waves and boat wakes. Then the jet skis came out (the cartoons finished) and made the anchorage very unpleasant.

Have you ever noticed that jet skis and the operators are like gnats. They have the whole sodding lake to play in but they insist on playing right next to your boat.

We left Kelleys for the north side of Middle Bass. There wasn’t a gnat in sight … until we dropped anchor. Oh, for goodness sake! And then there was a swarm of them coming in from the east. They all met up at the west end of the island with a boat in the middle of them. It must have been a convention or something.

ImageWe launched the boards again and headed towards Sugar Island with the intention of a circumnavigation, which we did accomplish, another 2+mi. However, we had just gone over the rocks and were minding our own business when a sodding jet ski, which was ‘attached’ to a boat of people anchored in the middle of the cut, decided to come and do a sharp turn and spray us with his wake. Not funny. I was waving at him to bugger off but he kept coming. He got to within about 10 ft of us before he turned. And then he capsized. I was hoping the thing would sink. But it didn’t. Paul grabbed his camera and was taking picture of the jet ski’s OH number. The guy was saying, “Hey it was only a bit of fun.” Yes, right. You are stood on a SUP and a jet ski, weighing half a ton approx, is barreling towards you at 15-20kts. Definitely not fun.

ImageJust got back to the boat and the clouds were threatening. Yep, looked at the radar and storms were about to hit so we beetled off to P-I-B to pick a ball. Fortunately we didn’t get too much weather but to the north and south there was a lot of lightening.