I have to admit, it strikes me as odd that, in the USA, today is referred to as the first day of summer when what is actually happening today is the sun, from now, begins to move south again and the nights begin to draw in, ie the days are getting shorter. Surely today should be mid-summer’s day.

And the other thing that has always had me confused since moving to the States is whether 12 midnight is am or pm. To avoid confusion, check out this link from the National Maritime Museum “Is noon 12 am or 12 pm?”

Tomorrow is the Rachel Carson trail run/walk. Have done it once. It was hard but a lot of fun. Good luck to everyone who will be taking part. It is going to be hot so make sure you drink plenty …. water. It was during this hike that I learned to really like peanut butter and squashed banana sandwiches. Oh, they were so good. Now I eat squashed bananas and almond butter. No bread. Still just as good.

We are at anchor in the bay on the north side of Kelley’s Island. The forecast is for the wind to be from the south quadrant so we should be nicely sheltered. However, there was one occasion when the forecast said southerly winds and about 22:30 there was a mega wind shift of 180o and we, along with two other boats, had to move because now we were on to a lee shore with a 2ft swell coming at us. All part of the fun of boating. Hopefully the wind will behave itself tonight and do as it has been told. It is 21:00 and the sun still hasn’t set.

Happy Summer Solstice.       Joanna