Oops it’s a bit blurry but it was quite a ways away. The fountain at Point State Park ‘lives’ Have to admit, it is quite impressive to see it again. Seems as though it has been years. Oh, wait, it has been years. And it is all very pretty. I do wonder though, they, the powers that be, have spent millions of tax dollars on fixing it up, but did anyone bother to include a defense against flood waters/mud when the rivers once again overflow their banks and fill the fountain’s basin? I guess we will find out.

Had a good ride today. Only got abuse shouted at me once by a car driver who was stuck in traffic and I wasn’t. And it is always a good ride when I manage to stay on my bike and remain upright.

Am actually in triathlon training mode again. I have mentioned before that I was struggling with post-event blues and so was Paul, struggling with my post-event blues. (Poor Paul, he puts up with so much.) To get over it, I scanned the event schedules for the rest of the year and picked out two, and Paul said to go for it/them. So I did. I have registered for the half Rev3 in Sandusky at the beginning of September and a half marathon in beginning November in Virginia Beach. Bring it on! Am now very excited.

On a more serious note, here appears to be another case of one rule for government and one for the rest of us. “Taxpayers pay millions for fed workers’s student loans”.

And I am sure all women will be please to hear, “Senate Women’s Restroom Expanding to Accommodate Historic Numbers“.

Pee in comfort.          Joanna