ImagePaul had a brilliant idea this morning, that we should circumnavigate, on the SUP’s, either Johnson Island, or Bay Point spit. It turned out that we more or less did both.

We headed upwind around the southern end of Johnson Island – very hard work because of wind and waves, and boat wakes that came in at cross angles to the ground swell. For every 500 paddles on starboard, I did one on port. It was a rather lopsided leg. Rounded the corner and was anticipating a slightly easier ride. But no, Sod’s Law kicked in and the wind was now pushing us onshore and so were the waves. So it was still a one-sided deal. Got to the top end of the island and headed for the space under the bridge to get around the north end. If anyone ever tells you there are no currents on Lake Erie, just tell them, “Yeah, right”. There were standing waves going through the narrow gap under the bridge. Made for some excitement. Stopped for nourishment on the other side, out of the wind and that was when Paul had his second brilliant idea of the day. “Rather than going straight back to the boat, let’s go through the marina and down the outside of Bay Point. It will be a lee shore.” OK, why not? Shxts and giggles, yes? As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad. Two hours 40 mins later, climbed back on to the boat, exhausted.

ImageBy this time, every jet ski in the area was buzzing around us so we moved. As we were making our way back to the channel, I watched a powerboat zooming along, cutting the corner of Bay Point, just waiting for the inevitable. The fact that there were people standing in water up to their, oh, knees, should have been a very obvious clue to the guy driving that there probably wasn’t enough water for his boat. And he was cutting inside of these people who were paddling. Sure enough, 15 kts was very quickly 0 kts. Then came the call over the radio for “TowBoat US”. Oops! Somebody’s day got ruined.

ImageNow at anchor in School House Bay, watching, on the radar, storms rolling in from the west. Just rained a little and wind increased and got cold.

Fingers crossed I can get a signal to post this.          Joanna