ImageThe Duchess of Cambridge launched a new cruise liner in England today, Royal Princess.

Was talking with the guy behind the front desk at the gym today. He had told me previously, very proudly, that he had got a new bike and was really enjoying his cycling. However, last night, someone tried to steal the bike and messed up the gear shifters on the back. And also, last week, I bought a pannier and frame to go on Paul’s bike. I was about to put it together today when I discovered that the ‘spare parts’ box (bolts) were not in the box. Honestly, someone must have opened it in the shop, taken out the little package, closed up the box again and put everything else back on the shelf. Should I despair at the human race? If I did, I would never smile again.

Survived the storms last night, well early this morning. Should be fairly quiet for the next few days. Stay safe.         Joanna