Running today felt almost effortless. And this was after an hour of boot camp. I could have run longer but stopped after 60 minutes because I still had to do a 25 minute swim and 40 mile bike ride. And I had to do the bike ride because I had to call in at REI at the end of it and I wasn’t going to drive across the Hot Metal Bridge.

The bike ride was good too; biked the new bits of the GAP trail (at least the local ones) – past the CSX stone yard, Sandcastle and made it through McKeesport and out the other side. Oh, that new bit in McKeesport is brilliant. If you have ever ridden down the main street, on the sidewalk, the difference is like chalk and cheese. It runs right next to the railway line, behind the police station and straight down to the river.

I think the lady who was partnered with me this morning at Boot Camp doesn’t like me, not that that bothers me. Not sure what I did to offend her. But she look horrified when coach paired us, she didn’t make eye contact with me at all and only spoke to me when I asked her a question as to what we were supposed to be doing. All very strange. She was very chatty with everyone else. Most peculiar. Fortunately we didn’t have to actually work in pairs, just moved from one activity to the next as a pair.

And while I was getting my bike ready, out the back of my car in the gym’s car park, other cars/gym users were circulating like vultures, waiting for me to exit my spot. My car wasn’t moving, my bike was. But I do find it a little contradictory that they are here to use the gym facilities but won’t walk 100 yds from their car to the door.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall meet the Bash Street Kids, Roger the Dodger, Dennis the Menace, etc in The Beano, Paul’s favourite all-time comic.