Finally found a cherry pitter. I looked last year but it was towards the end of the cherry season and so couldn’t find one. Got in early this year. Wow, two big deer have just run past my window. Anyway, as I was saying. Eating cherries that still contain their pitts is always a little scary … terrified of breaking a tooth. Now I don’t have to worry. Having said that, one of the cherries I de-pitted today didn’t actually lose its stone. Fortunately I realised before I bit down hard.


Beautiful sky in the rain this evening just before the sun set. Been rather showery all day with a couple of rolls of thunder thrown in for good measure.

Had to shake my head in despair today at the news – the Islamist rebels in Syria execute a 15 year old for ‘mocking the Prophet Mohammed’. I’m sorry. Politicians want to give these people arms to continue their fight. I’m sure there is more to this story, but …. really?–abc-news-topstories.html

iOS 7 aims to offers a cleaner user interface to iPhone and iPad owners – I am so out of date with my phone and I only bought it a year ago. And I still don’t understand everything it could do.

Given the fact that internet signal was so bad this weekend whilst on the boat and the fact that Paul and I got so frustrated with it, I really think we need to unplug.  Take time to disconnect.           Joanna