Slept the sleep of the dead last night. Didn’t hear anything of the revelers returning to their boats. Watched the boats depart from P-I-B, SUP’d around Gibralter but in the other direction to yesterday, lunched and then headed out. By this time the forecasted 9kts of wind was blowing 16-18kts increasing with gusts up to 24kts. Fortunately the sun was shining by this time and it is a well known fact that if the sun is shining, it takes at least 5kts off the wind strength!

IMG_0469    IMG_0470   IMG_0467Before we dropped the mooring buoy, we rigged up the TRX straps off the end of the boom and experimented with some exercises. Of course, trying to keep one’s balance on a moving deck added an extra dimension.

Back in harbour, the sun was really quite warm and the snakes were sunbathing.

IMG_0471Remember to put the plugs in the sinks before you leave the boat.              Joanna