ImageAfter a really really really gloomy and chilly start to the day, as we cruised across the ‘washing machine’ between Catawba Island and South Bass Island, the clouds parted and the sun popped out. And has stayed out for the rest of the day. It was quite a beautiful afternoon, warm and not windy.

Picked up a ball at Put-In-Bay. Paul bought me a present last Christmas, something called “The Happy Hooker”. He used to get so stressed out at my efforts to pick up mooring buoys that he bought me thing which threads the rope through the buoy’s ring without the buoy leaving the water or me straining to reach down to thread it myself. It was brilliant.

Went SUPping to see if we could see anyone we knew on the boats in from the MIlls Race. Saw lots of boats – seems like a big entry this year – but only a few we recognised and no-one we knew. Might go ashore for a walk, dinner?, coffee?, chocolate?. Now I am pushing my luck.

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Andrea pounded Raleigh NC. Glad we were there last week doing our Ironman 70.3 rather than this week.

Going to post this whilst I think I have a signal. Smile and do something nice, even if it is for yourself; for someone else would be better, but …. small steps.           Joanna