ImageThese pics are actually from yesterday. I am writing today’s post at 09:30am because at the moment I have a reasonable internet signal so I thought I would take the opportunity as it is presenting itself.

I spent  yesterday cutting a hole in our holding tank on the boat. ImageThat’s the holding tank right underneath the generator, behind the blue diesel fuel lines. As I was cutting the hole, I was thinking back to the last time I helped Paul work on the holding tank – at the other end, right at the back of the generator. I broke one of the fuel lines and we had 250+ gals of diesel spewing out into the bottom of the boat. And all over me. Don’t worry, it wasn’t an environmental disaster; the boat yard came and pumped it out. For me and my fashion sense though, well that was another matter. But I digress. I managed to work without any mishap to the fuel lines. I did, however, have a moment of panic when I realised I had cut through, what I thought was a reinforcing bar in the tank. It turned out to be a backing plate for the fitting we were replacing. So no worries there. Phew.

The next job was to do some laundry for Paul. The washing machine tub wouldn’t turn so we had to take off the back and retension the belt. To get to the motor, I had to wriggle my way into the locker in which the machine usually sits. Tight squeeze (see first photo). Good job I’m so flexible. Not. Anyway, got that done too.

Then Paul had to fix the second bilge pump. Apparently it had never worked on automatic. Would have been nice to know that earlier but that too is now working.

And all this was accomplished because we didn’t want to go out onto the lake in the cold, miserable, dismal, wet, windy grey day.

Today, went for an early bike ride in the still overcast grey dawn with a little precip. But apparently the forecast is for it to clear up and that strange yellow, hot object that floats across the sky from east to west each day, is supposed to be putting in an appearance.

Oh dear. Do I sound a little cynical? I spent about 2 hours last night trying to get a signal to type this post and failed miserably. Today will be better.

A friend of mine is running the Laurel Highlands trail today. I think it is about 80 miles over some really horribly hilly terrain. Good luck Anne McClain. And to everyone else who might be competing in any sort of event today.

Well, Paul is pacing. Got to go cruising. So I am going to put my faith in Verizon’s wireless technology and press the Publish button. Fingers crossed.       Joanna