I  went out for a very leisurely bike ride today. Conditions were absolutely perfect. I decided that I would ride the river trails; didn’t need hills for my legs. I parked at Millvale and biked down river towards the city. Saw this tug/barge ‘parked’ under the bridge so bridge work could be conducted without disrupting the traffic on the bridge. The thought “Support comes in many shapes and sizes” popped into my head. Random? Maybe. Maybe not.

I think I have mentioned before, that I like bridges – all bridges, small, big, old and new. Bridges come in many different varieties and as I continued my ride, Pittsburgh and its bridges reinforced this notion. There are so many different construction-types over Pittsburgh’s rivers. Bridges all serve one function, but to get from one side to the other, the pieces are put together in different configurations. This led me back to my ‘support’ thought. Actually, it morphed into a “we have different learning styles but come up with the same answer. Bit like bridges.” Weird what goes through your mind when biking. I know but what are you going to do?


Downtown is getting ready for The Pittsburgh Arts Festival. I passed this sign at the entrance to Point State Park. They seem to be expecting a lot of bike traffic.


This was being installed in the newly refurbished and refilled reflecting pool under the bridge through to the rest of the park. I guess when the wrapping comes off, it will be a floating Buddha.

ImageI called in to REI to get a pannier for my pannier. No, really, it is for Paul’s bike. Maybe we might just have to take them on the trail to DC. Paul’s comment, “And with all that weight on the back, you made it back to the car without falling off?” Love you too my dear.

Turn off your sprinklers, it’s going to rain tomorrow.     Joanna