Rules are there to be broken. Right?

I promise this will be the last post about Sunday. I forgot to mention a couple of things yesterday so I thought I would do so tonight instead.

Swimming with all these people created “swimmers’ chop” as in “boat chop” but created by swimmers. Made breathing and sighting the buoys a little difficult at times.  ImageOn the run, at the halfway point, we had to climb an extremely steep hill. I was totally head down, cap down, focused on the 4 ft of path in front of me, everything else tuned out. I was so absorbed in getting up the hill that I didn’t see the fireman waiting with a hose to spray down runners. All of a sudden, sploosh, I was engulfed in a rainstorm. It wasn’t that it was unpleasant – actually because it was so hot, the water felt good – it was just that I wasn’t expecting it so I screamed. The guy looked pretty frightened, as if he thought I was about to attack him. I don’t usually make a habit of running through spray because I really dislike running in wet shoes.

Both David and I completed the event eating and drinking basically Paleo; none of the processed foods and drinks – GU, Gatorade, etc. David introduced me to dried mangoes so I ate these and nuts on the bike and drank diluted coconut water on the bike and the run. Didn’t eat on the run (would have been raisins if I had). Just at the end of the run though, I did succumb to the cola with lots and lots of ice. Past experience has proved to me that it works, for me. Ate half a banana in the swim/bike transition.Image

And an orange at the beginning of the run.Image

And I just love these photos:Image  Yes, I ‘fess up, that was a chocolate chip cookie in my hand, which I didn’t actually eat. It just looked good on the tray.Image  Thanks to Bekah for the photos.

What’s next? I need a training schedule.          Joanna