I have to admit I have been rather anxious today. Started by getting rid of some nervous energy with a short run, then breakfast (sort of), then registration. Collected Bekah and took the bikes down to the swim/T1. Got them parked and then paddled in the lake. The water felt warm. Heard that the temp was 79F so no wetsuit. The wind is forecasted to be blowing up the lake so on the second edge of the triangle we will be swimming straight into it. Oh well, I guess the swim wanted to have some uphills too.

Drove the bike course after. It seems to be well marked and the roads aren’t too bad. Rolling hills mostly lined by tall trees, not much flat, a few really sharp uphills but also corresponding downs, a few railway crossings. The last couple of miles into the finish are all uphill. Didn’t explore the run but it is an out and back through the suburbs.

Funny incident on the bike course drive. We obviously weren’t the only ones to have this idea. A van drew up behind us and followed us for about 40 miles. It was way past lunchtime (considering we had eaten breakfast so early) that when we saw a grocery store across the road, David, who was driving, did a quick turn into the parking lot. The grey van was obviously on automatic follow because it started to turn across the road as well.

As the photo shows, I bought my ‘event’ bear, Raleigh. Travel Bear is just making sure Raleigh knows who is boss.

ImageHere David and I are on the outside of the finishing chute. Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, we should both be coming down here within a few minutes of each other. So excited; very apprehensive.

Tomorrow’s forecast. I start at 07:34; David at 08:06Image

Smooth swim/bike/run.    Joanna