We are downtown with Sir Walter Raleigh, NC, ready for registration and all the other details that will need attention tomorrow so that we will be ready for competition on Sunday.

David, Bekah and I drove down this afternoon. We brought 3 bikes with us. I hit a glitch as I was trying to put them on the bike rack this morning though. I thought I had had my triathlon bike on the bike rack before, but I was mistaken. It wasn’t that there wasn’t room, it just physically wouldn’t fit. So it had to go inside the car which meant that we had to be rather creative with the luggage. But we shoe-horned Bekah into the back, closed the doors and prayed that we wouldn’t have to open the doors in a hurry.

The hotel has been fully advised about what goes on in triathletes’ rooms apparently. In the introductory letter/information, there is a paragraph that obviously realized that bikes will be cleaned in the rooms. So the hotel has asked that the room towels not be used but that if we ask at Reception towels will be provided.

Image    ImageWent to The Pit for dinner this evening. Delicious.


ImageAnd there is some impressive art work too.

Ballon sculpture. Image

And just as we were crossing the road to go to the convenience store, three police cars come screeching to a stop outside the store and charge in. A guy crossing the road coming towards us commented that we should turn around and give the store a miss. Apparently there were two guys going at it hammer and tong. I must admit my first thought was ‘guns’ but fortunately it was just fisty cuffs.

Hello Raleigh!

Let the fun begin.        Joanna