Had a pretty decent drive from Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach today. Went for a short swim early just to wake me up but this meant that I left an hour later than I normally would. I fully expected the traffic to be ‘an hour’ worse but if anything, it was lighter. I put the cruise on between 65-71mph and only stopped for coffee and pee. All very easy. I didn’t even get annoyed with the people who insisted in sitting in the outside lanes doing just below the speed limit, making it necessary to undertake. And because I arrived earlier than expected, I had to force myself to go for a walk on the beach until Bekah arrived home. Such hardship. It was a glorious day for walking on the beach.

Had a rather panicky thought today. In the other ironman distance and half’s that I have done, the swim field hasn’t been too large so I tend to start at the back and to the outside of the course. And there hasn’t been any other group coming up behind. But what has got me rather anxious today is that there are just over 100 women in my start wave and then the 18-24 yr old men will be chasing up behind us 4 minutes later. Can guarantee that they will swim over and through our wave. Need to sharpen my fingernails I think.

The water temperature was 74F today. It says on the event info that the average water temp on race day is 80-83F which I find rather perplexing seeing as this is the first time this race has been held. (I know it means that on 2 June in previous years, the temp ……, it just struck me as odd.)

I know we will have hills to contend with in Raleigh, but at least they are not quite as extreme as this. Image

The great walkway of China: daredevil tourists traverse vertigo-inducing footpath

Don’t look down.           Joanna