ImageObviously I have spent too much at the grocery store again. Such a gloaty feeling though when this happens.

Had a couple of good short runs today. Had to get in around 7 miles and because I knew I needed to run from Millvale to downtown this afternoon, I did a gentle 3.25 this morning before it got too hot. This left about 3.8 miles for this afternoon. Ran downtown to Paul’s office to collect a bike and ride it back to my car at Millvale. The bike is for someone much taller than me, hence the bike was big for me. Fortunately it didn’t have a standard cross-bar. If it had done, I wouldn’t have been able to ride it. As it was, I had to be very careful when I went to put my foot down, and had to lean the bike to one side so that my foot hit the ground before other parts of me hit the bike.

Tried to change the inner tube on my road bike but had to admit failure. The tyre is so tight on the rim that I couldn’t remove it. I tried using metal tyre irons but they chewed up the rim. So, I had to swallow my pride and take it to the bike shop. Much to my satisfaction though, the guy in the shop had a time getting the tyre off the rim too.

To get to and from the bike shop, I have to drive over the Hulton Bridge. This bridge is in as bad a state as the bridge that collapsed in WA. It amazes me that there aren’t more crashes on this bridge.

Image                             ImageNot much room for error. We were stopped waiting for the lights at the end of the bridge when I took these.

I leave tomorrow to travel to Virginia Beach to meet up with David and Bekah. Not looking forward to the drive too much but at least I get to rest for a few hours.

Challenge yourself tomorrow. Change something that will help you feel better.  Joanna