After a very quiet night at anchor and a lazy morning as the temperature slowly clawed its way up towards the 50 degree mark, we up’d anchor and cruised around South Bass Island, poked our noses in to Put-In-Bay, which was a lot more crowded than a couple of weeks ago, and made our way into Middle Bass State Park marina (pictured above). The forecast had called for strongish north/northeasterly winds. As it turned out, it backed to the NW and made for a very pleasant day. There was abundant sunshine which helped to take the edge off the cold wind. Managed shorts and no gloves for our bike ride around the island. SUP’d a little out on the lake and then collapsed on the boat, thoroughly exhausted. Just now watching the sun go down again. Another day of freedom for which to be grateful.

Last time we were in this marina, the office was a trailer and so were the showers and toilets. The ‘now’ office, was a concrete slab. It is really quite nice. And there is WiFi that works. Yes. They might do something about the goose poop on the paths though. In some places it is thicker that dog poop, though thankfully not as smelly.

Thousand of runners, who didn’t get to finish the Boston Marathon this year, gathered in Boston this morning to run the final mile. Apparently the Boston Marathon organisers mailed out the medals but many runners felt that they couldn’t wear it until they had actually run that last mile. So today, they did. And now they can proudly wear their medals.

Gnomes have finally managed to gate crash the Chelsea Flower Show. I can remember as a child being told that under no circumstances will gnomes ever be allowed to make their presence felt. However, it seems that if celebrities decorate them for a fundraising opportunity, then the little ‘beasties’ are allowed in. Whatever next? Ducks flying up the wall?

OK, I had something else on which I wanted to comment, but it has gone. And I don’t know where. So I won’t. Time for another cuppa and as the wind has come back, another line to hold us off the dock. Share quality time with those you love.    Joanna