I included, in my resolution challenge a few weeks ago, a picture of a giant yellow bath duck floating around Hong Kong Harbour. It was supposed to make people, who saw it, smile. Well, today I felt really deflated when I saw this photo. Bummer.

ImageRan in my new shoes today. They are the same as all my other pairs, just not quite as smelly. Well, they weren’t but after today’s really hot run, it won’t be long before they catch up.

ImageWe have been in our house for over 9  years and this rhododendron bush hasn’t grown any. And it has never flowered. The leaves and buds usually get eaten by the deer and so what does appear is always secondary growth. There must be plenty of food in other places this year.

A horrible news report came through today from the UK. A couple of guys grabbed a soldier returning to his barracks and ‘beheaded’ him in the street. And people filmed it. The report I read made no mention of anyone trying to help the soldier.

David is on his way home from his conference in Las Vegas. He left there at 6:30am supposedly to go to Chicago to connect to the Norfolk flight. He got diverted to Indianapolis because of storms. Must have then flown to Chicago. Then to Albany. Not sure if he is home yet. I hope he is. What a day.

Watching Pittsburgh Penguins play Ottawa Senators in game 4 of the playoffs. At the moment they are leading 3-2 but they were losing.      Joanna