… or not. My second day of squats and push-ups on the hour is still going. I have to say I feel quite accomplished at the end of the day. I did try doing my squats with a bar. A little unsteady but something to work towards. My push-ups are improving though and hopefully this will help my swimming. Long ride today; should have been 30 miles but, somehow I switched screens on my bike computer and I had ridden an extra 4 miles before I realized. Duh me. I managed not to fall off, again. That is always a successful ride. I have to admit, when I got back to my car the thought that I only have to get through another, maybe, 5 rides before the half ironman, did cross my mind. Am I getting paranoid? I hope not. I biked on the new bit of the Greater Allegheny Passage around Sandcastle and the CSX stone yard. Oh boy, was it nice. So much better than having to walk/ride over the ballast stones next to the railway line.

Mostly bad or depressing news so I won’t comment. Things are really bad in OKC. We might be getting just a little of the weather tonight that they had. And tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to get a little stormy.  Be thankful. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving.    Joanna