I really wanted to post a bunch of photos from the CrossFit Regionals over the weekend but thought that might be a little over the top. So today I ‘designed’ a new logo for Anna and Molly as they slowly wind up to begin their 49erFX campaign in earnest. If anyone would like to become a team sponsor and have naming rights, please let me know. They will do you proud I am certain of that.

I have just spent the better part of 2 hours trying to post Anna’s latest update on the web. I thought at first it was the internet signal from Comcast that was failing, but my phone still works so I am not sure if my computer is developing the same problem my old one had. The internet ‘card’ within the computer fails and can’t keep ‘hold’ of the signal. It has been a bit dodgy for a while but I just blamed Comcast. Haven’t told Paul yet. And my computer isn’t that old – 18 months if that. Is this all part of the disposable society in which we live? Oh bugger.

Was in Barnes & Noble today buying a couple of cards. I have learned not to look inside the ‘Blank inside’ cards to see if there is anything written inside. Takes a lot of will power though. And it is never a surprise when I don’t find anything written.

Set myself a challenge today. On the odd hours o’clock I would do 15 squats and on the even hours o’clock I would do 10 push ups. I managed from 6 this morning until 10 this evening and then I nearly threw my computer out of the closed window so I decided to stop. And also my arms/shoulders were getting tired. And now so am I because everything has taken longer than it should have. Can you tell I am annoyed? So I am going to bed.

It is very hot in the house. Should really have turned on the AC but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it; it’s only May for goodness sake.

And say lots of prayers for all the people in Oklahoma City who have been/are being affected by the tornados.

Short 30 mile bike ride tomorrow.             Joanna