Drove hell for leather across the state to get to West Palm Beach for Anna’s first WOD. All the athletes are amazing. Anna and her heat just blew my mind. I am exhausted from Just watching. The first WOD was so physically challenging that out of all the regions so far, only 3 girls have completed it within the time limit. Anna was 1 sec over. Talk about willing someone across the line. And then the a second WOD she beat the girl who is leading overall. Such an achievement. we get to watch the firWOD tomorrow but willOSS the second because we have to catch our flight home. for the last WOD today. We were stood behind another lady who was cheering for another athlete whom I guessed was her daughter, She confirmed this when I asked her. She asked for whom we were cheering. It makes me very quietly proud to say Anna Tunnicliffe.

Good luck to Anna tomorrow. Have loads of pi s but will have to wait until I get home to post them.    Have you WOD’ed today?       Joanna