Went to see Ironman 3 today. Quite a good movie. Ben Kingsley was very funny. And Robert Downey Jr was just … ahhhh. The movie was almost too ‘busy’ though, as though the film makers tried to put in just too many special effects. I left feeling I needed to see it again. But I’ll wait for the DVD.

Had a great 10 miler this morning. Felt really strong. And the warm air was like a huge big hug. It was fabulous especially considering that two days ago I was wearing a winter coat. Rode my bike to TRX this evening. The wind had got up considerably which made cycling across the Highland Park Bridge a little tricky.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” There seems to be some debate as to whom this quote can be attributed. However, it is advice that Obama may want to keep in the forefront of his mind at the moment. Things seem to be building to a head. But will it be a pimple? Or a boil?

Sleep well.       Joanna