ImageThe strong winds over the weekend pushed the ice that was on the lake, up on to the shore and into people’s houses, virtually destroying them. (Manitoba community of Ochre Beach). And temperatures today, here, just managed to struggle into the mid 50’s, though the weatherman, on the news this evening, said that there was snow falling in parts of West Virginia. OMGoodness. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly better with the warm weather coming back on Wednesday.

The government is on the defense again – with the Benghazi embassy killings and now the IRS targeting non-Democratic political groups. Can’t we just sack all politicians and start again? Oh, and just coming to a head this evening is the DOJ secretly obtaining the work and home phone numbers of reporters for the AP. In which country do we live?

Prince Harry seems to be having a good visit with the wounded warriors. He is so like his mother.

Has Tiger Woods cheated his way to another victory?

Had the final walk through of our remodelled bathroom. Just a few little things to finish and then we will be free of the contractors. Going to hang fire on the kitchen cabinets.

And just when you think things are too big a challenge for you, get real. This young lady who was born without both legs and one arm, qualified for last year’s Paralympics for swimming but couldn’t go because there were no women’s event for her in which to swim, and she is breaking world records for swimming.

Plod on, people.           Joanna