Never properly understood the term. We have never had two cars in a garage before. And this time didn’t last too long either. Once the boat was clean, it was back in its rightful place – next to my car in the garage.

Have been having trouble with Siri. Paul had problems on his phone too. He found that Siri could speak English with an English accent. I changed mine too. Siri now understands each of us perfectly.

Hope everyone, mother or child, had a great day today.

ImageMy day started with a ‘3-2-1-go’ at the Race for the Cure 5k at Schenley Park. Dr Vonda Wright led the warm up. Dr Wright is the doctor who fixed my hip. Great lady who believes in working out particularly after the age of 40. I surprised myself with my race so I am going to blow my own trumpet, 2nd/124 in 50-59 age group, 32nd/993 female finishers, 156th/1684 overall. My time was half-decent (for me) too, 23:51. At least it was a lot faster than the last one I ran at Thanksgiving.

ImageRushed home from the race and  to take the boat on the river. It was jolly chilly and quite wavy because of the wind against current but a lot of fun.

We are having cold weather. Apparently so are the British. There is a saying in England, “Ne’er cast a clout till May be out” – referring either to the May blossom or the month of May and ‘clout’ being items of clothing/a coat. Seems like they are not in shorts yet either.

It will be interesting to see if this comes to pass. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes or six months in jail if punished to the full extent of the law for breaking electoral rules by accompanying his chief of staff to register as a candidate in Iran’s forthcoming elections.

Elephant 1 : Poacher 0  Elephant tramples to death a poacher who was trying to shoot it. The bloodied remains of Solomon Manjoro were found by rangers after what was thought to be a botched poaching trip at the protected Charara safari area inside a national park. Zimbabwe’s Sunday Mail reported that the local man was charged by the elephant after he entered the game reserve for an illegal hunting trip with a friend. The dead man’s alleged accomplice Noluck Tafuruka, was arrested later. Could be said his luck ran out too.

Have a great week.       Joanna