Apparently this is the 100 post on my blog. It isn’t the 100th post of my 2013 challenge though; it is 129th. I completed the first month minus two days of the year by email to friends and family. I think I will give myself a pat on the back.

We had a quiet night on the boat at anchor but it was so cold and miserable this morning and the forecast was for it to get worse, we decided to come home and try out our new, completed bathroom, shower and tub. Didn’t get the tub wet but the shower is great. About time. It took long enough.

And because we are home, I am going to run the Race for the Cure 5k tomorrow in Schenley Park. Early start for me because I have to do race-day registration and I have seen the lines at this event in the past. They were long and it took forever.

Going to take the small boat on the river tomorrow. Hope it isn’t too cold.

TweetPee App: baby needs changing

From Dump to Haven for Rare Species Maybe there is a lesson here that can be applied to other dumps. However, I do hope that none of the waste was toxic; we might end up with some new species mutated from the rare ones.

And for tomorrow, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all mothers, mothers-to-be, those who are unable or choose not to be, and the men who have to take on the role of mum as well. Everyone have a great day. Do something nice for someone else. Smile. It will make you feel better too.           Joanna