On the way to the boat I posted a picture on Facebook of the torrential rain through which we were driving and commented that the best of the weekend had been and gone. I was hoping that just maybe Mother Nature would read it, (though why she would read a post from a mere Earthling like me I am not quite sure), and decide to prove to me that I was wrong and let the sun shine again. And it did … for about 10 minutes. Then it disappeared again to be replaced by …. IMG_0274

And then it went dark.

Have you ever wondered why gas, I mean propane cyclinders click when you have them in the car? Probably not. But the first time we heard the ticking we got rather concerned that there was something wrong with the car. Took a while but finally figured out that it was the cylinder and that it wasn’t going to explode. Or at least we hoped it wasn’t.

The other thing I wondered about this evening, as I trundled the dock cart to the shore, was, why do birds stand on one leg? (I saw a seagull doing just that. I asked it but it just glared at me as if I was stupid.) Are they resting their other leg? Keeping it warm? Only have one leg? If they have two, do they switch legs, like you and I would as the first leg became tired?

Mayor Ravenstahl is being called out on his home renovations. Apparently he paid for them out of his own pocket. But the contractor he used is the main contractor for the city council work. Did Ravenstahl get a more reasonable price than you or I would? Oh the intrigue.

The workers who were clearing the rubble from the collapsed garment factory found a 19 yr old young lady still alive. Incredible after all this time. Hopefully she will make a full recovery.

Can’t get my internet to connect up with any of the news networks so I will bid you and the world a good night. It is raining right now and is a black as pitch outside. Temp has dropped down to 52F; water is 65F. Swimming tomorrow? Maybe not but probably a SUP or two.        Joanna