I had a “wish I had my camera with me” moment this morning whilst out on my run. I was running through a park and peeked over a wall and saw collection of bluebells. The flower kind. I can’t remember seeing bluebells since we have been in the States so for me, it was definitely a Kodak moment. But no Kodak. Oh well.

Can almost see the end of the tunnel for the bathroom, I think. The vanity unit (the second one) has been installed, sans crack, but the water supply still needs to be connected. The shower plinth/step (the second one) is in situ without crack. The shower door opens and closes. The tub isn’t fixed to the floor but as you can see it is plumbed. Just as I am typing this, Paul yells from the kitchen, “We have another wet patch”. Sure enough, right under where the tub is located, there is a huge wet patch on the kitchen ceiling. Despair!

TRX this evening was quite brutal. For those of you with abs, it would have been a walk in the park. For us three students, it hurt like hell.

My theory that news reporters ask really stupid questions was confirmed yesterday, when one asked Gov Chris Christy why he had kept his lap-band surgery a secret. Gov Christy told the reporter that he hadn’t kept it secret, it was just none of the reporter’s business. Bam! Slap down by Gov Christy. I really don’t see what the big deal is anyway. I would have been happy if it was still a secret.

This was the best I could find for good news. ImageSpreading joy around the world – a big rubber duck in Hong Kong harbour. You have to smile.    Joanna