Queueing up at Allegheny River Lock 2.

Don’t often see this – two barges at the lock with one waiting to enter. Actually, recently it seems as though it has been quite rare to see a full barge on the river at all. It was another great day for a bike ride.

If you are awake around 4am-6am tomorrow, apparently the meteor show (shooting stars) show should be visible, at least according to the evening news today.

As I was driving down Fox Chapel Road past the junction with Squaw Run Road this afternoon, all the traffic was backed up on the other side. Yesterday as Paul and I drove back up the same bit of road, we got stopped by a car trying to turn left up Squaw Run Road and Paul made the comment that the powers-that-be really should make a turn-left lane because there will be an accident soon. Sure enough, that’s why the traffic was backed up – someone was trying to turn left and the car behind didn’t wait for it to move. Ran right into the back of the one waiting. Don’t think anyone was badly hurt; the cars were driving off to the side under their own ‘steam’.

ImageGoing to check this out tomorrow. Wanted to today but ran out of time. This is the bike lane on Liberty Ave on the approach to Bloomfield bridge. I must admit when I have cycled this bit of the road it has always been with my heart in my mouth and the eyes in the back of my head fully focused on approaching traffic. Hopefully this will help cyclists and vehicle drivers to use the road more safely. There is another road where I cycle that could really do with something like this, or at least a big sign that says “Look for cyclists as well as cars”. It is the off ramp from the Highland Park bridge towards Aspinwall. There have been a few occasions where cars have almost driven through/over me and I have had to express myself quite succinctly.

The Senate has passed a bill that would charge sales tax on online purchases. Probably going to fail in the House though because of the Republicans – no new taxes/no raising taxes.

Girls do better than boys in school with reading and math because their parents spend more time reading with the girls. Really?

And finally, more irony. Air Force sexual assault prevention officer charged with sexual battery. Oh boy.

And finally finally, had to finish on a good note. Dicks Sporting Goods paid for flights and lodging for 37 runners who had raised monies for charities and started the Boston marathon but obviously couldn’t finish it. They had decided to come and run Pittsburgh when Dicks stepped in to help with their expenses.