ImageIt has been just a fun day having David visit us on the boat. The day began with this amazing dawn. I love the dawn. Yes, sunsets are usually very beautiful too, but they are always at the end of the day. Dawn is a new beginning. A chance to start again. And because dawn happens so early, not so many people get to share it which makes it even more special.


A quiver of SUP boards.

We cruised around to the monument at Put-In-Bay and dropped the anchor again. By now it was blowing 23-25kts but that didn’t stop my intrepid duo from launching the SUP boards. This was after David learned to wash down the foredeck and anchor. ImageOff they went to discover new lands. Actually they went to find the lee shore to get out of the wind. ImagePaul was explaining to David about how to get back off the board and on to the swim platform, “Just go along side and step off”. But he missed. The water was 49F. He didn’t stay in long.

Had a rough ride back to Sandusky Bay with the waves and wind on the port bow and blowing up to 30kts in the gusts. David ended the day with a sunset paddle and I was going to post a pic of it but it is stuck in the ethernet somewhere.

Good luck to all runners taking part in the Pittsburgh marathon races tomorrow. And thank you to all the volunteers for sharing their Sunday with the runners.  Happy feet.   Joanna