ImageToday began with me driving with Paul to Millvale so that he could bike to work when he informed me that “Oh the gas gauge has just gone off the scale, as in the tank is empty”. “Thanks, Dear”. Was a little concerned that I might run out on the way back on 28 but I made it to a garage. Phew. The tank holds 21 gallons.


David and Bekah arrived around 2pm. Showed them around my new decorating and my soon to be new bathroom. They arrived just as the workmen arrived too. Not a lot of work got done in my bathroom today. Think they were going to hang a couple of mirrors.

Drove to town to collect Paul. Now if you know Paul, you will know how short his tolerance fuse is. Because we were a little later than usual, traffic was a little heavier than usual until we got just passed the airport. And then it stopped. Oh sh.t! Paul was not happy. It turned out that the road was blocked by an accident. Hazmat and police cars went zooming by on the shoulder and we just sat. We had just gone passed an exit so had to sit and crawl with the rest of the traffic to get off 376. Ended up going across some really pencil thin, dubious surfaced road to connect up with Rte 30 and then 11 at East Liverpool. 11 is a great road. Usually the journey takes 3 hours. Took 5 today. Paul was not a happy man.

However, loaded everything in a pile on the boat, threw off the dock lines and are now at anchor in the bay. Wind is whistling in the rigging, gently rocking to the waves. Life is good again. Except the allergies are quite bad.

Before we left the dock

Before we left the dock