ImageI love the entrance to Highland Park at this time of the year. I’m afraid my photo doesn’t do it justice.

Paul arrived home from work with a boo-boo on his knee. Apparently some young kid driving a car, knocked Paul off his bike. I think the kid now has a new a….le.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a list of movies to be released this summer. Here is my list of “non-intelectual, escapism movies” I would like to go and see: 5/3 – Ironman 3; 5/10 – The Great Gatsby; 6/28 – The Heat; 7/3 – Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2; 7/19 – Red 2

I am of a mind to take my next photo to Giant Eagle as evidence that their baggers really need to be coached to be more economic when bagging. I know they have to be careful to not squash or cross-contaminate items, but this is really going to the extreme. It’s not a wonder we are creating/have created a plastic bag problem in the world. I think G/E needs to get its priorities a little more in line. Four items – four bags. Eggs, batteries, fish (double wrapped), pears.Image

Haven’t passed comment on our bathroom redo for a while. Touchy subject. However, we now have a functioning loo installed.


The bath tub has made it out of the garage to the bedroom; not quite to the bathroom yet.


And to close, a quote from the weatherman on CH 11 this evening. Not quite sure where his priorities lie: “I know we need rain for the crops to grow, but more importantly we need it to wash the pollen away”. OK, whatever.

Have a fun Friday.      Joanna