ImageThe day began by dropping my car off at the garage for its state inspection. Went for a medium distance run in perfect conditions whilst the car was being worked on and collected it when I had finished. I thought I did well to remember to give the garage guy my registration document (original – normally initially hand over a photocopy) and the insurance card. Turns out that I gave him an insurance card 12 months out of date. Fortunately he had the wherewithal to call my insurance agent who faxed through a current insurance card. Duh me. I eventually found the right one tucked deep down in an envelope in the glove compartment.

ImageBit of a weird photo, I know, but I totally failed in a glutes’ exercise the other day so I have taken to walking around the house with a band on my legs. I hope it helps. Paul says I am a lazy ass. He also made the helpful suggestion that if I just wear my shorts around my knees it would have the same effect.

And the blast from the past. I have no idea why I did it, but I Googled “gauntlet gemini”. It was a search for our old boat that we bought, refitted/overhauled and sailed while we still lived in England. Anna and David learned about sailing on her. I was absolutely delighted to find that she had been bought and sailed to Barcelona on the Mediterranean and was being used as a charter vessel for people who wanted to experience sailing on a classic. And what is even more exciting (and satisfying in that we must have done it properly) is that the majority of our remodelling and equipment is still in place. We have (well I do) many happy memories from that boat. If you know Anna and/or David, ask them about the Mars Bars. And if you would like to see some more pics of Gemini now and what she is doing, here is the link:  And if you would like to see some pics of when we owned her let me know.