ImageSeems like all the trees on our street have blossomed, except ours. Ours don’t even have leaves yet. They have buds, just, but nothing showing green. We used to have blossom trees but had to have them replaced because they were diseased.

What a beautiful day today for a bike ride. Was just cycling passed the scrub land by the casino when there was an almighty ‘geese taking off’ noise. I looked to my right and there were two geese going pellmell, full speed right towards me. Their little feet were flapping the  ground as fast and as hard as their wings were the air. They were just into take- off mode. One was going to pass behind me; the other was aimed at my head. It squawked, I yelled. I ducked; it just managed a little more lift. Minimal clearance. We both went on our way. OMGosh.

Yesterday I had a duck experience. I had recently changed the ringtone on my phone for David. It used to be a motor bike but I could never hear that one. I had just finished washing my bikes, just in time because it started raining. Then I heard a duck quacking. I know the river is nearby, well, it’s at the bottom of the hill but I have never seen or heard a duck up near the house. I listened, trying to locate the duck. It seemed to be coming from inside the garage. It quacked again and it was right behind me. I turned around and looked then realised it was coming from my jeans’ pocket. My phone; David was calling. Haha. I missed the call because I was laughing too hard.

ImageImageThe Greater Allegheny Passage. The path just west of Sandcastle on the left is the new one. The one on the right is the old one. Can’t wait for the fence to come down. The GAP facebook page keeps putting out pictures of the progress on the new paths and in capital letters stress that cyclists need to stay out of the construction sites. I did this week. Still on the bird theme; there are a pair of nesting bald eagles just up to the right over the other side of the railway tracks.

Didn’t get too much sleep last night. I was so anxious about missing the alarm again, it seemed as though I woke up every half hour or so. Oops.       Watch out for the low flying geese.        Joanna