ImageAfter yesterday’s beautiful weather, it was a bit of a shock to wake up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the cabin top. It was nice, though, knowing that I didn’t have to go out in it for a run or bike ride if I didn’t need to. So I didn’t. We hung out inside the boat, just relaxing, then left to come home. Congratulations to all the runners who completed the Toledo Marathon and half today in the rain. Not the best of conditions.

iTunes is 10 years old today. It rather changed the music industry. Still have a record player (turntable?) and some vinyl. Some guy has stabbed 4 people in a Catholic church in New Mexico. A sick world. And Pittsburgh has lost its chance of breaking into the Rock ‘n’ Roll series of races, a half marathon, in this instance. The reason given on the news was that the RnR organisation didn’t get enough support from the city. The city obviously doesn’t appreciate how big these events are and how much revenue it would bring into the city and area.           JoannaImage