A beautiful day on Lake Erie for a cruise. There was a “mayday – save me” call went out over the VHF radio to which the Coastguard had to respond. The CG reported that it was a child’s voice and came from the west end of the lake. They have to take all calls like this seriously and spend an inordinate amount of time searching. I think it was a hoax but both the boat and the helicopter were deployed.

Tomorrow is the Glasscity Toledo Marathon. A good friend of mine, Shannon, is running the half marathon; she is coming back after a long break because of injury and home and work commitments. I wish her all the best and have every confidence in her abilities to finish.

David went for a 60 mile bike ride today. Forty miles into it and he suffered my worse biking nightmare. Twenty miles from home and a puncture. Fortunately Bekah was around to go get him. I will get some new spare inner tubes when I get home just in case.

Saw the most bizarre sight this morning whilst out on my run. At an intersection a car went by with a guy hanging out the open door on the passenger side; looked like he was trying to fix the door seal. First quick glance, it really didn’t look as though there was anyone in the driver’s seat.  OMGoodness. Talk about a double take. There was a tiny person peering over the steering wheel driving the car down the road.

Can’t find any news I want to share so I will sign off. Good luck to everyone who will be running tomorrow, whether in a race or just for fun. Be safe. Never doubt yourself.     Joanna