Watching the sunset at the dock – the second best way to spend a Friday evening. The best way is watching the sunset on the boat but at anchor or underway to a distant destination. It is a beautifully calm evening but chilly. The water is 6F warmer than the air at the moment. It isn’t supposed to get to freezing tonight but I still want to be tethered to the dock and power supply so I can sleep with my electric under blanket turned on. And the space heaters so that the air in the cabin in the morning won’t be like putting my feet in a full ice bucket when stepping out of my bunk. This morning I cycled in the lowest temperature I think I have ever cycled, or at least for a very long time. Had to scrape ice off the windscreen of the car to get to the gym for my swim and by the time I got to the cycling oval the air temp was a balmy 38F. I wore sufficient layers of clothing so my body didn’t get cold but my feet …. oh they were frozen. The tops of my shoes have mesh on them so that during the summer my feet don’t overheat but …. not so clever in the colder weather. Fortunately I only had to ride for an hour.

I know I have previously stated that I didn’t want to hear any more about the Boston marathon bombers but I can’t resist this tit-bit. His/Their mother probably won’t be visiting her remaining son or be attending the funeral of the dead one (if he is buried in America) because she has an outstanding arrest warrant in Massachusetts for skipping bail on a shoplifting charge. OMGoodness.

I was just searching news feeds and found an article on the NPR site about coffee and how, in low doses, the caffeine can help increase alertness in the really tired. We all know it is a stimulant and can keep you awake. I think I must be an exception to the rule. Or, at least, in part. I started drinking coffee about 3 years ago, full-on stuff, none of the de-caff. I have never slept well since having my children until I started to drink coffee, just before I go to bed. I make it with half milk/half water, French press, but even so, I do find I get a much better night sleep having had the coffee than when I drink, say de-caff tea. I have to add a qualifier on the tea. I have also found that if I drink a caffeinated green tea (made with water and no milk) before bed I sleep better too.   Smile, even if for no reason. It will make you feel better, or at least silly which will make you smile even more.  🙂          Joanna