ImageA good day today. At least for me. After trying to beat the rain yesterday, today was gloriously sunny. A little chilly but not much wind so just a couple of shirts and a pair of gloves, oh and tights, kept me warm on my run. Managed 15 miles today. iPod battery went flat at mile 10. Still had a steep hill to climb but I struggled on. It was a rather slow and definitely not pretty run but it is in the bag. I rather wish I was running Pittsburgh marathon in a couple of weeks but, Oh well.

If you are wondering why I have posted a picture of a pair of my running socks, it’s rather ironic. When I took off my shoes after my run, one of my socks had a hole in the toe so I threw it away. I have had an odd running sock lying around for weeks – just didn’t know what happened to its partner. So I thought, oh good, now I have two odd socks which make a new pair. As I was putting the laundry in the washing machine, I just happened to glance in the gap between the washer and the dryer and guess what was there – yep, the original missing sock. I now have an odd sock lying around. I thought it was funny; guess you had to be there.

Had just got in this afternoon, and dumped all my groceries bags in the kitchen when I got a text from a very good friend. She needed to escape her home for a while and was wondering if I was up for a walk. Thought she might need to offload but she told me to come prepared to talk. I think I am a fairly good listener but I know I am quite a good talker. And it was a beautiful evening for a walk. I hope she is feeling better.

A couple of other things; comments about TV advertisements. One of them really annoys me. Actually it makes my flesh crawl, a bit like scrapping nails down a chalkboard. It’s an advert for a foot support product. The guy at the end states, “Not only do I recommend the good feet support system ….” Now you’d think he’d finish with “…. I wear them too.” But no, he says, “…. I wear good feet arch supports.” It just grates. Ugh! The other advert is the latest GE one. Hugo Weaving, who plays Agent Smith in The Matrix, plays that character in the advert. Cut a long story short, he holds up a red and a blue lollipop at the end and asks an 11-12 year old boy, “Red or Blue?” The thing that makes me smile is that the kid is too young to probably even know what The Matrix is/was let alone understand the significance of the choice. The first movie, when the red and blue pills were offered, was released in 1999. Again, I guess you had to be there. Just my ramblings. 🙂

President George W Bush opened his library today. Looks like Syria used chemical weapons on the rebels. Is Obama going to commit the US to yet another war? According to the mother of the Boston marathon bombers, America stole her boys even though she sent them here. And now the father is going to be let into the country. Stupid.

Laundry needs attention.     Joanna