ImageToday turned out to be quite a day for timing. Had to take Paul’s car in for service; I needed to get in a long bike ride. The forecast was for rain to start around 2pm. When I dropped the car off at the garage this morning, it was spitting with rain. I was rather upset by this because I was about to get wet. However, by the time I had sorted out all my stuff at the gym, the showers had stopped. I biked across to the other gym to go for a swim during which I saw the clouds breaking up just a little and blue skies peeking through. Short swim, then off on the bike along the trail. Had to avoid the construction vehicles on the GAP trail. Managed to get through there without falling off my bike this time. I did, though, fall over with my bike. I had to stop and get off and was lifting my leg over the pannier when my heel got stuck. My momentum backwards didn’t. And over I went. Right on to my left hip and left wrist. Oh bugger. Only my pride was hurt though fortunately. My goal on the bike ride was to be out and back off the trail and on to the black top before the heavy rain came in. At my turn around point, I saw these white flowers carpeting the hillside. Very pretty. I made it back off the limestone bit of the trail. After that every mile towards home without rain was a bonus. My timing was impeccable as I crossed over the railroad crossing in McKeesport (the one that sent me on a detour last week). Not 5 seconds after clearing the lines the bells started ringing. Still no rain. As I passed Sandcastle there were a few drops of rain. Just on and off all the way back to Waterworks’ gym. I parked my bike, changed for my run and as I left …. sploosh, down it came. Ran in the rain, which is something I quite enjoy so long as it isn’t cold, which it wasn’t. So yes, I got wet, but not during my bike ride which was my goal for today. And lastly, Paul and I arrived at the gym at the same time for our TRX session. Timing was just perfect today. Hope yours was too.   Now it is time to finish, so I will.         Joanna