Image      ImageDrove 3 1/2 hours to deliver the sailboards then drove 5 hours to Virginia Beach to visit David and Bekah. Got to Richmond in brilliant sunshine. Got to VB in misty rain, cold temps and bitingly strong wind from the N – NE. Journey was fairly uneventful except for the approach to Hampton. For no apparent reason the traffic came to a halt on I-64. Just like that. I managed to stop in time but then as I looked in my rear view mirror, my heart was in my mouth as the cars behind swerved as they braked. OMG they came so close to the back end of my car. Not good for the blood pressure. Bekah had some good exposure for her music today – a radio interview and one of her songs is being played on a regular basis on the radio programme. She will get royalties. Good for her.

Have to sleep. More tomorrow.        ZZZZZZ   Joanna