Breakfast with Bekah and David at Citrus, Virginia Beach

This was David’s breakfast. No, I’m just kidding. I had the omelette in the foreground. It was delicious. So after a very few hours of sleep, David and I left the house this morning at just before 6am to run 4 miles. It was very windy, misty rainy and a little chilly. But the sun was just coming up, not that we could see it because of the cloud cover, but it was definitely there. Quick shower, pack bags and then off to a family (partial) breakfast. Good food, great company. I learned a universally accepted practice for letting the waitress know that my cup needed more hot water – push the empty one to the end of the table just as she is walking passed with the hot water. Worked every time. Then it was time to hit the road again, for another 7+ hours to drive back home. It was a very short visit but it was great seeing and spending precious minutes with David and Bekah.

Have found, in the past, that driving out of the Norfolk area to and through Hampton is a waking nightmare so today I decided to just go with the flow and not get caught up in the craziness of the outside/overtaking lanes. I cruised along in the inside lane and overall I think I actually moved faster and with a lot less stress. Have you ever noticed, or been guilty of, if you are on the inside and indicate to pull out to overtake, if there is a vehicle just on your hip, more than likely it will accelerate to cut you out? Why is that? It is really annoying and potentially dangerous.

And to keep myself amused/distracted/awake, I did some abs/back/pec/lat exercises. Oh and glutes. Not quite sure what other drivers thought as they drove passed or I passed them and saw me bouncing up and down as I contracted and relaxed my butt muscles. But I am definitely working up to abs and buns of steel. Haha.

ImageAs I mentioned, I left VB in rain and heavy cloud but as I drove north and west the skies began to clear and by the time I got home it was blue skies from horizon to horizon. Well almost. And it was 68F. I drove passed the beginning of a brush fire at about mile marker 80 something on the PA turnpike and was going to report it, but (1) I didn’t know if it would class as a 911 call, and (2) didn’t want to ‘text’ and drive trying to key in numbers that might work. Apparently it spread but it is now under control. Oops. Sorry about that.

A couple of things in the news. Obama is taking all the lady senators out to dinner tonight. Who’s paying? Oh that would be us, the tax payer. So why weren’t we invited?

And somebody got very rich today I would imagine. The Associated Press’s Twitter account was hacked and the tweet “bombing at White House… ” brought on a flurry of selling on the stock market which then rebounded after it was announced that the tweet was a hoax. But there was mass selling; I bet someone bought the cheap shares. Just saying.

Meant to share Bekah’s link to her website and her new music video yesterday but forgot. I am putting it down to tiredness; it might, of course, be senility.  Ha.  Anyway, here it is.

Bekah Eden  And whilst I am plugging websites, here is David’s and Anna’s. Long ride tomorrow. Weather deteriorating so need to get going early.     Joanna