ImageLeaving the dock for the first time this season. A beautiful day but chilly. The water had come back from Buffalo so we were OK depth-wise. As we motored out across the bay, along the channel, there was definitely a buoy out of place. Called it in to the Coastguard but someone had already reported it. The coal ship that was just leaving the coal dock was heard to radio to the Coastguard that, because of the position of the misplaced mark, he was likely to run it down. (Note: the buoy was still floating when we returned.)


Happy Man

The wind and waves were on the starboard bow as we made our way out towards Kelleys – 1-2ft with the occasional rouge wave. One was really big and there was crashing and banging from down below. No damage done, just bits across the floor.


First wet deck of the season


Bands of coloured water

The water presented itself in bands of contrasting colours today – muddy brown and translucent green/blue. I wonder if it is because of currents present in the lake or if it is something to do with the ‘sloshing’ effect of the water moving between Toledo and Buffalo. The depth and bottom don’t change, at least not according to the chart.

There were a few fishing boats out and it sounded as though they were catching a few fish.

Didn’t see the Coastguard or the Border Patrol today. In the past, we have been stopped on our shakedown cruise, I think because they had nothing else to do. We left around 3pm to drive home to repack the car with windsurfers. We have finally sold them and I have to deliver them tomorrow. Long drive so got to go to bed.  Happy driving.     Joanna