ImageA blustery night on the boat evolved into a snow/ice pellet storm at dawn followed by continuing strong winds but clearing skies.

ImageEventually managed to persuade myself that a run was a good idea. So wrapped up to the eyeballs I ran through Sandusky and back for about an hour. (Approximately, because I forgot my watch.) It was very hard work; actually felt like running through treacle. Think maybe the hard week training has caught up with me. But that’s OK. It didn’t get much above 40F and tonight is supposed to get down again to near freezing. Oh bugger. But thank goodness for my electric under blanket. All will be well.

I would imagine that the world and its auntie knows that the 2nd Boston bomber was captured. The next time I want to hear anything about him really is when he is convicted for at least 3 murders and countless woundings. I did see a headline today that said something about him not feeling as though he fitted in here in the US. I wonder how long it will be before someone blames the school system for his state of mind. Please! He made a choice and a very bad choice at that.

The wind has died down so will probably go for a shakedown cruise tomorrow.   Stay warm.    Joanna