Robin on our fence in the rain; silly bird

Have to start by saying “they got him”; hiding out in a boat in someone’s back yard. Bastard.


It was windy.

Started the day with a run. Dropped Paul off in Millvale so he could bike to work; at 6am. I ran from there. My return run of the out and back course was 2 min faster. I felt really good. On my way back to the car, the sky was overcast but the sun managed to find a horizontal slot through which to shine just for a few minutes. It was quite surreal. The world looked like an old fashioned sepia photograph. It was quite beautiful. Of course I didn’t have my camera but it probably wouldn’t have done it justice anyway. Then off to the gym after breakfast for swim and boot camp. When I came out it was raining. Boo. And windy. And cold. Packed car and drove to town to collect Paul for our trip up to the boat. And it got windier as we travelled north. Got to the boat; temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and the wind was blowing consistently 25kts. Not sure what the gusts were/are. I do know that the water from midnight last night has dropped about 4ft. A number of boats on the ground. We are not quite there yet.


Bow up; keel in a hole

Don’t think we will chance going out for a shakedown cruise tomorrow. Wind is forecast to continue strong from the west so even less water. And by noon it should feel like 29F. Yuck. Suppose it could be worse.

And finally …

I know it isn’t funny, but there are an awful lot of really funny/sick tweets being posted at the moment in the wake of the capture of the second Boston marathon bomber. Such as: “Bullet ridden boat, $20 obo”  “Wait: boat in back yard; worst getaway plan ever” “Nation cheers at capture; ends CNN coverage” “They say the best two days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys it & the day he sells it. Don’t forget the day a terrorist dies in it.” and so on. Thanks Tillerman for the retweets.  We can all rest a little easier in our beds/bunks tonight. Thanks to all the law enforcement personnel for their patience and diligence.      Joanna